Woodford Table Tennis School

Woodford Table Tennis School

At Woodford Wells Table Tennis Club

COVID-19 Guidance

Anybody attending WTTS coaching sessions should read the following guideline which is regularly reviewed and updated according to government and TTE guidelines.

Does and Don’ts

  • Follow current government COVID19 social distancing and hygiene guidelines! 
  • Players to not attend if they are having any symptoms or have been in contact with someone who has tested positive for Covid-19
  • Parents to stay outside the playing hall, unless by prior agreement
  • Players should go straight to an available table when arriving to the hall taking all their belongings with them where the coach will brief everyone
  • Players use their own bats, you can’t borrow others’ or the Club’s
  • No handshaking/slapping hands
  • No breathing on the ball to clean
  • No hand wiping on the table
  • Hand hygiene (hand sanitisers) on entry and exit to venues, as well as pre, post and during training. Emphasis should however be on each individual taking responsibility for their own hygiene and, even though sanitizers are available at the club at various points, players are encouraged at all times to bring their own hand sanitisers.
  • Washing of hands regularly and before the start of any activity  
  • Changing rooms and showers are not to be used for showering or changing, this should be done at home and players to arrive ready to play   
  • Towels and water bottles to always be kept in a player’s bag or with them at the table
  • Players are encouraged to not take part in match play and more vigorous exercise straight away, it is important to build up to match play and higher intensity play to prevent ill health and injury
  • You should feel you are in the correct physical condition before considering a return to training and match play  

Club/coach’s duties

  • Balls should be washed regularly to minimise risk (this has been adjusted from the previous advice about using different balls for each player)
  • Tables are cleaned and wiped regularly
  • Training partners are separated by at least 2 meters (length of the table) at any time
  • Training times are divided so a minimal number of participants are engaged in a hall at any one time
  • Booking system to ensure that any required limits can be adhered to and registers of participants in the hall are kept for 21 days to support the NHS track and trace process.
  • All tables used are separated by partitions/barriers 
  • Venue to be kept well ventilated, with windows/doors remaining open wherever possible. Windows or doors are open to allow ventilation at least 15 minutes before player arrival
  • Fixing doors open  
  • Limit the number of tables  
  • Organiser to wear gloves for setting up and wiping down the tables and chairs after the session
  • No more than two people on each table at any time. 
  • A Minimum of 10-minute break is used when players using the same table are swapping over 
  • Doubles play is currently not permitted